The Television Talk Show – Ingiro Ikwiye

In the new television talk show ‘Ingiro Ikwiye’ host Emmanuel Rushingabigwi and a panel of six leading Rwandans analyze and discuss the current conflict of a foreign country in the news and answer the question ‘What could they do?’

The panel draws comparisons and finds similarities between the present situation in the foreign country in conflict and Rwandan history. In the process, a new way of analyzing news and events is used: – an analysis of the psychological motivation of the individual actors that shape the event.

The themes of the programmes are based on comparative psychological research into the psychology of perpetrators of mass hate violence. Although every conflict is unique, this research reveals that, surprisingly, most of these atrocities evolve in a similar pattern. A continuum of violence. A similar progression to violence, as Rwanda saw in the past, happens at many places in the world. In history, but also today. From Syria to Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Israel and South Africa.

Each episode a new panel analyzes a new country in conflict. Using lessons drawn from the Rwandan history ‘Ingiro Ikwiye’ asks this panel and our audience the question: If we were in a position to do so, what would we advise the people of this country in conflict to move towards peace? This in turn leads to debate on important themes in Rwanda today.