Kuki factual program

Kuki (“Why”) is a factual radio programme in a talk show format. Its focus is to provide a better educated ‘leadership’ audience with psychological and media literacy skills about incitement to violence and the role of trauma in conflict, i.e provide them with the theoretical and factual base that lies at the soap opera’s (Musekeweya’s) base.. The listeners are stimulated to not let their own trauma provoke them into agressive, non-reality based opinions and decisions , and to resist the temptation to use fear and scapegoating to gain followers. The programme teaches them the value of protecting individuals and minorities from scapegoating and how to engage in healing their own and their neighbours’ group trauma instead of allowing these to incite them to violence (‘active bystander ship’).

Kuki will develop a format, based on the collections of unanswered questions that preoccupy the population. These questions are then answered by the team of experts (La Benevolencija’s academic team and stakeholders). The programmes thus incorporate the direct concerns of the population. Previous guests at Kuki have been the minister of justice and director of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC). The programmes will deal with the same themes as the soap: deepening reconciliation, free speech and hate speech, empathy for others and equal justice. Kuki will be broadcasted weekly.