La Benevolencija’s Documentary on Prince Louis Rwagasore

In 2012 Burundi celebrates its 50 years of independence. Prince Louis Rwagasore, son of King Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge, was an emblematic figure of the anti colonial struggle and  is directly linked to this independence. Radio La Benevolencija Burundi has finalized its documentary about Prince Louis Rwagasore, which was screened in Bujumbura as part of the official celebration activities July 2012. For more background information please visit La Benevolencija’s website dedicated to Prince Louis Rwagasore.

We are proud to announce that this documentary will be screened within the framework of the Afrika Filmfestival in Brussels, Belgium  on October 5th 2012. For updated information please visit us on Facebook Rwagasore.

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