Peace Magazine, A Soap Opera for Peace in Rwanda

Five villagers sit together in an administrative building in the Rwandan district of Musambira, an hour’s drive from the capital, Kigali. All had experienced the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which approximately 800,000 people died in a hundred days. Two had participated in massacres, two had survived those massacres and the fifth was a boy of fourteen from the perpetrator group who had not participated in the killings. The five describe themselves as friends. How is this possible? (Click to read full article)

NY Times, Rwanda radio soap opera casts a healing spell

In 1994, radio in Rwanda was all about hate and violence. The government used it to incite people to kill, and the killers were often seen with a gun in one hand and a receiver in the other as they tried to locate enemies. Today, Rwandan radio is a voice of hope and reconciliation. One of the most popular soaps is Radio La Benevolencija’s “Musekewaya” or New Dawn….. (Click to read full article)

NRC Next, Een Rwandese Romeo and Julia

Negentig procent van de bevolking van Rwanda luistert wekelijks naar de soap opera Musekeweya. Radio Benevolencija zendt de soap uit op dezelfde frequentie als de zender die in 1994 de Hutu’s ophitste om de Tutsi’s te vermoorden. Nu zaait de radio geen haat, maar verzoening…. Anoek Steketee maakte er een prachtige fotorapportage van. (Click to read full article)