Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute: 24 June-5 July 2013

La Benevolencija was represented at the Media Policy Summer Institute jointly organised by Oxford University (UK) and the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania, USA).  The RLB  Director, George Weiss, was invited to speak to the participants in Week one of Summer School (25th July 2013) and delivered a presentation on the role of media in building resilience to incitement in national populations. He highlighted the importance of training the audiences rather than just the journalists and the need to “inoculate” populations from Hate Speech, Mass hate violence and its consequences.

The annual Summer Institute brings together young scholars and regulators to discuss important recent trends in technology, international politics and development and its influence on media policy. This year the focus was on two topics:

  • Media transitions and development: examining case studies of successful media transitions and analyzing the factors contributing to the development of democratic media systems. 
  • Internet and social media developments around the globe and the varying effects that these technologies have had on government, society, and global and local media policy. The various ways in which different types of internet actors (governments, domestic and international civil society, and private actors) attempt to influence the internet policy sphere were also scrutinised.