Nia Moja

La Benevolencija’s communication strategy aims at bridging civil society and leaders, decision makers and local/governmental authorities through a factual programme called “Nia Moja” meaning “Common Vision”. Based on actual events and regional context, this programme brings together audience and decision makers in Kinshasa with audiences in the Kivus to discuss and debate social problems, trying to find a cooperative solution together.

The “Common Vision” concept is built around a short documentary feature part that illustrates the Staub “continuum of violence, followed by Vox Pops and expert analysis of contemporary events. The documentary sequence part therefore shows a sequence of elements that are present in societies around the world where hate behaviour gets generated by a combination of difficult life circumstances and irresponsible politicians. Examples from around the world show how hate speech during crises, election periods, wars and disasters has incited people, but also featuring examples of how it has been counteracted. Following on this, the section on “Vox pops”, features two Congolese journalists trained by La Benevolencija recording the “street” opinions and questions on a given subject. Local authorities and leaders are invited to respond to the questions asked by the communities. A synthesis is then done by an expert on conflict resolution. The main goal of this programme is interactivity through the Vox pop approach and a constant exchange with the audience through spontaneous correspondences, quizzes and auditors reactions.